10 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin That Will Convince You to Act


10 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin in 2021 and Raise Your Capital

Never put all eggs in one basket! This wisdom will never die, and it is specifically relevant during the times of pandemic caused by COVID-19. Many people around the globe faced significant economic losses.

Did you know that the bitcoin might achieve $100,000 in price by December 2021? It does not matter where you come from — this digital currency is accepted by many investors as legitimate investments. You can purchase coins from any point in the world, at any time.

Before you buy, you may wonder what the benefits of using Bitcoin are. What is the expected return on investment (RoI)? Can crypto replace fiat money? How secure is it to trade Bitcoin? Check out the top 10 reasons to buy Bitcoin, and you will find out!

Rich History and High Credibility

Can you trust a company with a rich history and a world-known name? If yes, listen up! As you may already know, Satoshi Nakamoto was the first man to create cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin and mining technology called a blockchain. It took place back in 2009 as a response to the Global Financial Crisis caused basically by the rapid drop in the USA real estate prices and a growing number of citizens unable to cover their loans.

The main idea was to allow avoiding intermediaries and bank restrictions. The initial cryptocurrency was first deployed into the wild, being skipped by almost everybody. Only a few enthusiasts believed in the innovative approach. They either purchased some coins to keep in personal accounts or applied blockchain technology.

Well, you might know the story so far. At least, from the news. It may remind you of the gold’s role in the 1970s. People become more aware of Bitcoin’s unique value proposition (UVP), and, thus, more willing to buy it. Large corporations invest more than two percent of their assets in cryptocurrencies and never regret it.

Value Proposition Is Excellent for Macro Climate

As the pandemic started, many thought that Bitcoin would crash too. However, by the end of 2020, it was obvious that the world’s most popular crypto is rehabilitating with the speed of light. This money turned into the only savior for many people during the Great Monetary Inflation (GMI). Those who did not hurry to sell their coins as soon as the pandemic attacked could easily come back to normal life by 2020 Fall.

“Banks often lend our cash in waves of credit bubbles. They adopt quantitative easing, so that is a chance for both Bitcoin and gold. The supply of fiat money is increasing fast. Bitcoin is limited by the amount of available coins, while the demand is higher than ever. That is the value,” Eclipcoin expert shares.

Soon, the only way to purchase bitcoins would be through purchasing the coins from its holders. The unique digital scarcity is one of the reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency or try the blockchain approach. It’s like digital gold. The only difference is that precious metals turn cumbersome in large quantities. At last, Bitcoins do not depreciate.

Inflation and Devaluation Excluded

These two words have nothing to do with Bitcoin. People living in countries with hyperinflation would benefit from owning bitcoins. Inflation in most countries of Eastern Europe is roughly three percent.

As Bitcoin is restricted to the specific amount of coins in turnover, inflation and devaluation are not a threat. It might be the best investment for people living in developing and underdeveloped countries. The inflation rate keeps on falling, making the most popular crypto stronger than the dollar (US). This fact makes Bitcoin attractive to both developed and developing populations.


Bitcoin is not limited to any country. Sure, you can buy any currency in almost every part of the world. However, special exchange services make it possible to purchase crypto with no obstacles. You or your company may also benefit from purchasing and using blockchain technology. Mind that Bitcoin’s bonus for mining is halved every 4 years.

Fast Adoption

Bitcoins quickly spread all over the world, conquering even more markets. The number of people who own a Blockchain wallet goes up as well. The number of users holding bitcoins in their own wallets increases. Such a payment giant as Indian PayPal enables Bitcoin transactions on multiple platforms. Thanks to this world-known system, more than 26,000,000 merchants can accept cryptocurrency as the preferred payment method.

The current bull market position of Bitcoin motivates individuals and corporations to purchase this crypto for their altcoins or invest in blockchain tech. It makes sense that as the demand for something grows, the price goes up as well.

No Such Thing as Confiscation

No one can take away your bitcoins (well, at least, legally). Even if we talk about various online threats, most of the crypto wallets are secured better than other money storage systems. If you have ever faced issues with the banking systems or online payment methods (e.g., British ePayments that have frozen all accounts for more than one year), you know how it feels. With cryptocurrency, you have access to your cash at any time. The price per coin might fall, but it is a different point. You may withdraw your money whenever you want, but we recommend leaving them in your account at least for a year to see a significant rise. Bitcoin owners fully monitor their funds, and that is the best thing.

All-Time Increasing Interest Rate

By May 2019, the world’s most known crypto could boast the highest trading volumes ever. It has nothing to do with the speculations of 2017. A high trading volume stands for the increase in interest rate. How is it possible?

  • Bitcoin supply is restricted
  • Bitcoin obeys new regulations
  • Bitcoin is easy to access

More parties are penetrating the market. This cryptocurrency is an excellent addition to any investment portfolio in case you are ready to take the risk related to a ten-year-old asset category.

Regulations and Legal Perspectives

The main problem with fiat money is that it is regulated by the government and intermediaries. The central bank should have a high credibility rating not to debase the currency. That is one of the reasons why fewer people worldwide trust the banking system enough to provide it with full control over their finances.

As Bitcoin is younger than traditional currencies, it is hard to predict where regulation is going with plenty of market aspects. The lack of regulations and no control from the government make Bitcoin holders feel comfortable and confident.

Wall Street Going Crypto

Investing Bitcoin and investing in Bitcoin also make sense as many financial experts and large corporations believe in this crypto. Wallet owners from famous Wall Street continue to purchase and hold bitcoins in their accounts. They initiate Bitcoin trading on their broker’s platform. Most of the Wall Street “players” are attracted by the stable increase in value because of limited supply. Large corporations invest millions in Bitcoin to get billions back. MicroStrategy is one of the examples. The company agrees that Bitcoin is a great investment asset with long-term perspectives that is way cooler than any traditional currency. Fiat money is no longer effective, and it makes no sense to keep them. Besides, crypto is as legal as any other currency.

For Square, it used to cost only 1% of their total assets to turn a billionaire company after purchasing bitcoins one day. The organization treats Bitcoin as the way to unite all consumers in a single global monetary system.

Brand New Asset Cluster

Bitcoin is not yet a fully explored category of assets. Before it was founded, stocks and bonds were the primary tools of trading. Real estate and gold are common bait for investors too, but Bitcoin keeps on replacing its main competitors. This brand new category of assets often shows up on the recommended lists created by investment experts, as well as pension funds.


You can get plenty of benefits if you decide to take a relatively small risk today and invest in Bitcoin. The increasing value keeps on attracting investors of different levels and expertise. Other reasons to try include:

  • Credibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Limited supply, high demand
  • Inflation and devaluation excluded
  • Growing interest rate
  • Quick adoption
  • Support from financial experts

If you are still worried, imagine a world without the internet. Only then Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be gone. Any type of fiat money is a way more fragile thing. So, why won’t you take the first step to raise your capital? Eclipcoin, a licensed crypto exchange highly rated by traders around the world, is ready to lend a helping hand!

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